Medical Care for Hostelers

A clinic is an integral part of our hostel. A physician visits the clinic every day at 5 pm to cater to the health needs of students, the management provides specialist treatment if required, in Vijayawada.

Dining Facilities

Well ventilated, neatly organized and spacious dining halls for both boys and girls separately are present. Kitchen with modern equipment to prepare healthy nourishing breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner to suit the taste of the children from different states. Milk is served to students every day. Fruits are given at snacks time. Two mineral water plants are installed and water coolers are provided.


Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology Laboratories are established to meet the academic requirements of students, extend the hands-on experience through practical work and investigatory projects.

Computer Education

Children are given computer knowledge from 1st class onwards to enable them to compete with the challenges of the new millennium. A sophisticated computer lab is established to promote ICT skills. Highly qualified technical staff in computer education are extending their services.

Martial Arts & Yoga

All the students, both boys, and girls are taught martial arts by experienced instructors. Our school teams won many medals, trophies at State and National Levels. Training in Yogasana is a must for all the students. Training programmes to teachers are organized in Pranayama and Meditation by the management.

Fine Arts

Drawing, Dance, Music, and Singing are an integral part of our curriculum, separate instructors are on the campus to deal with fine arts.

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